A Multifamily Tenant Improvement Case Study: Small Changes for Big Countertop Savings

A recent multifamily tenant improvement project allowed us to showcase our commitment to delivering value-driven solutions, resulting in a noteworthy 22% reduction in unit costs.

Views on Fifth Apartments in Downtown Olympia - a commercial multifamily project Tops is proud to have been part of
Views on Fifth Apartments in Downtown Olympia – a commercial multifamily project Tops is proud to have been part of

The Commercial Cost to Build Challenge:

Experienced multifamily operators understand that tenant experience has a huge impact on returns on investment. Faced with the task of enhancing the living spaces of a multifamily development, our team was asked to approach a project with a commitment to balance functionality and cost-effectiveness. Seeking opportunities to optimize designs without compromising quality, were proud to provide a solution that would result in a quality finished product, without “breaking the bank”.

The Subtle Multifamily Design Solution:

Our team identified an issue early on- complex countertop shapes resulted in poor slab consumption, with a large portion of the material literally going in the dumpster, in the form of waste. The Tops Team proposed a 1/2″ reduction in the sitting area depth of the stone countertops. Though seemingly small, this change had a significant impact on material efficiency, cost savings, and fabrication speed- as slab consumption was boosted from roughly 40% to 85%.

Passing Along Commercial Construction Savings:

Transparency is a core value for us, and we believe in sharing the benefits of efficiency directly with our clients. The 22% reduction in unit costs was achieved through a streamlined process and reduced material usage, and we were pleased to pass these savings on to the customer, reinforcing our commitment to their success. At the core of this case study is our commitment to a customer-centric approach. Beyond creating countertops, we actively seek ways to enhance our client’s projects. We believe that our ability to identify practical solutions aligns with our client’s goals sets us apart from our competition.

Summarizing This Multifamily Unit Case Study:

This multifamily tenant improvement case study exemplifies our dedication to providing value-driven solutions. Over the past 10 years we have assisted countless multifamily countertop projects for our clients in the Puget Sound region. You can see a short list of recent projects on our commercial construction webpage. Embracing simple adjustments, we improved efficiency, reduced waste, and demonstrated our commitment to going the extra mile for our clients. We aim to deliver excellence, while remaining mindful of their bottom line. Looking to build in Western Washington? Contact our commercial sales rep today by emailing [email protected].

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